Entry #1

Omg. I was terrible.

2016-03-17 18:25:21 by CartoonMeister

Dang. Drawing without a tablet made my movies suck.

Hello people of NG. This site is not much up to my speed even though I got a lot of feedback. But at the time all these vids were made, I had crappy microphones and I drew by mouse. The later ones were then drawn with a cheap $25 Wacom bamboo tablet circa 90s which was awfully buggy so it's no wonder the quality was bad. I also had in-experience with CS5 at the time.

But now, I got a cintiq, Blue Yeti/Snowball mics, a decent voicecast and new channel coming up called "Funbox!" focusing on hilarious, original cartoons done by me. It also features the voices of Vic Mignogna ("Full Metal Alchemist"), Todd Haberkorn ("Sgt. Frog"), Antoine Dodson ("Bed Intruder"), Blake 'ShadyVox' Swift ("TOME") and other voices.

Reply to the comments for more info and stay tuned. I'll probably delete this account once all my shorts are done and my website is released so I can make a Funbox-focused channel on NG but I'll see when the time comes.


~Raymond Spunk


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2016-03-17 19:00:45

$25 is quite a lot. it's not worth that much if it's always buggy

CartoonMeister responds:

That's why I bought the Cintiq months ago. It's actually more compatible with my Windows and I learned more anatomy and appealing designs that best fits my videos and art. Any Q's for the FunBox?


2016-03-17 21:10:44

Nothing. (*´∀`) Just expecting the channel real soon.

CartoonMeister responds:

Cool. I got some shorts in the way: Pink Roy, Gary the Gecko, Pair of Pains and some great talented people helping out: Vic Mignogna, Kira Buckland, Antoine Dodson and even Blake Swift and more... Planning on releasing it within this summer or the fall as soon as all shorts are finished.